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Services to Your Pet During the Trip

    Your pet's safety, comfort, health and happiness are our number one priority.  To assure the happiest outcome for your pet - and ultimately for your family - we offer the following travel and relocation services to your pet during the trip.  We complete all pet transports in a climate-controlled vehicle according to the needs of your pet.  We provide plenty of bottled water and healthy snacks (unless you do not typically give snacks to your pet) during the time we are moving pets.  We ask that you provide your pet's regular food, as changes in diet can be particularly upsetting during a move.  We make several potty/exercise breaks during the driving day, as well as a good stretch/exercise period before and after each day of driving. 

     In the case of group transport, each pet is exercised and all pets are brought into pet-friendly accommodations at night to share the driver's room.  If your pet is accustomed to sleeping with someone at night, we strongly encourage your pet to do so while traveling with us.  We suggest that you send a favorite toy for play, as well as to comfort your pet with a familiar object.  We always offer plenty of petting, snuggling and conversation!

     In the case of poor traffic conditions or inclement weather, we will never put your pet at risk.  Your pet's safety, comfort, health and happiness are very important to us and we take extra steps to help them relax and enjoy their trip.